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About Me

I’m a pixel pusher (read: graphic designer) and issue finder (read: quality assurance specialist) by day for a government contractor company in the DC area.  I’m also recent graduate from the University of Baltimore with a Master’s in Interaction Design and Information Architecture (read: making stuff better for you on the web).  I’m really into developing and designing mobile applications.

I’m love ska, soul, and reggae music.  I run DCSka.com, a site devoted to the small ska community in DC.  With my friends I also put on ska/reggae concerts under the series BlueBeat DC.  If you’re every looking for something fun to do, come out to one of our shows.

I love riding bikes and fixing them.  I like scooters and motorcycles, too.  Sometimes I even get to work on those!

I love, love, love my iPhone and I’m constantly taking pics with it.  My influences and inspirations include random oddities of life, adventures, and street art.